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A Complete Course On Digital Marketing

Learn Marketing & Technology Skills To Achieve Your Personal & Professional Goals

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Language: English

Instructors: Ashish Kaushik

Tech Entrepreneur - IIT IIM Alumni

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Why this course?


Course Advantages - 

100 % online and learn at your schedule 
50 +Video Lecture 
Live Doubt Clearing Session
Latest Case studies, Quiz 
Online internship for practical learning
Live Session With industry leaders and Corporates 
Course Valid for 1 year 


Internship and certificate (live project)

  • When you finish every course and complete the hands-on project, you'll earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

  • Requirement 
  • Noprior knowledge and  experience required 
  • Nothing except a positive attitude


Course Objectives - Traditional players don’t have much of an exposure to the real world of digital marketing & are limited to theories only. Most courses only speak bookish digital concepts, with marketing knowledge missing.


This is one complete digital marketing course with an internship. Internship is for one month with practical learning of course. We train the learners with entrepreneurial learning so that right skilled candidates can come for industry.


Course Creators - We built this course based on our real learning of 15+ years, that we gained while running our company and in consultation with companies. Team Are from IIT and IIM alumni and worked for MNCs like Hindustan lever, Amazon, AT&T & Reliance. Learnings consists of expertise from marketing. Entrepreneurs who have an end to end digital business model.

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A Passionate Experienced Team

We work as equals, celebrate as a team & have fun with each other.

Vivek Raman

Vivek Raman Is Co-founder of, Awarded Top marketer, IIM Alumni, Author & Cyclist.

Strategic Advisor, Content & Course Creator Of Digiuniversity

Ashish Kaushik

Ashish Kaushik Is IIM Alumni, Tech Entrepreneur, Triathlete & Poet. Keynote speaker On Marketing & Entrepreneurship. 

Founder & Trainer Of Digiuniversity

Sukanta Dey

40 Years Of CXO Experience
IIT -IIM Alumni. Public Speaker On
Core & Digital Marketing.
CXO Level Experience In Fortune 50 Companies Like Unilever, PepsiCo,    Idea & AT&T

Special Exclusive session is other than course curriculum for the learner. One to one session with a panel of an industry leader on your startup, or career mentoring. Mentoring related to your professional digital goals after completion of course...

Curriculum Based On Real Analysis Of 25+ Industry Experts!

Module 1 - Introduction to digital marketing 

Section 1 - Foundations 

A) Introduction to course

B) Why this course is different 

C) Importance of doubt sessions

D) Introduction to faculties 

E) Why & how of Internship  

Section 2 - Foundations 

A) Why digital marketing is need of the hours

B) How people make money in Digital Marketing

Section 3 - Foundations 

A) Fundamentals on marketing 

B) What is segmentation, targeting & positioning. (STP)

C) Case study of Kelloggs

D) What are the 4 P's or marketing 

E) What are the 4 C's or marketing

Module 2 - Search engine OPTIMIZATION 

A) How does a search engine works

B) Organic search vs paid results 

C) On-Page SEO

Practice of optimizing web pages to improve a website's 

search engine ranking. 

D) Index and crawling

E) Keyword research - Find keywords relevant to 

your business. 

Show ads when customer search for your products.

Tools & process of finding keywords.

F) Off page SEO - Link  building tactics, site speed.

Module 3 - Steps to build a website 

A) Plan and structure a website

B) Build website without coding

C) Website plan that attracts your market & generate 


D) Tools to build a website

E) Keyword research - Find keywords relevant to 

your business. 

Module 4 - Email marketing & List Building

A) Role of email marketing 

B) Email marketing strategies - Build more engagement &

more conversion  

C) Ideal structure of your emails

D) Types of emails

E) List building - How to build email marketing lists & 

effective campaigns.  

Module 5 - LINKEDIN Marketing  

A) Role of LinkedIn marketing

B) How To Create Your Personal Brand

C) Find A Job On LinkedIn & Attract Recruiters

D) Find A Job On LinkedIn & Attract Recruiters

E) Why is LinkedIn marketing

F) How To Create Company Brand

G) Generate B2B Leads

Module 6 - Facebook Marketing  

A) What Is Facebook Marketing

B) How To Run Facebook Ads

C) How To Build Brand & Generate Leads

D) Facebook Marketing Hacks

E) How To Do Organic Facebook Marketing

F) How To Optimize Facebook Marketing To Grow your 


G) Run & Manage Facebook Ads Like A Pro

Module 7 - Instagram Marketing

A) What Is Instagram Marketing

B) How To Attract Real Targeted Followers

C) How To Build Brand On Instagram

D) How To Do Organic Instagram Marketing

E) Convert Your Followers To Lead

F) All About Instagram Features To Grow Your Brand

Module 8 - Video / Youtube Marketing

A) What Is Video Marketing

B) How To Start Video Marketing 

C) How To Rank Videos In Search Engine

(Get Free Software From Us)

D) Practical Demo On Publishing Videos

E)  Why Video marketing Is Important

F) Create Videos & Grow Your YouTube Channel

G) Viral Video Marketing

H) Practical Demo Sharing Videos Of YouTube Channel

Module 9 - Google Analytics 

A) What Is Google Analytics

B) How To Measure Traffic

C) Generate Marketing reports

D) How To Setup Google Analytics

E) Understand Analytics Reports

Module 10 - Campaign & Conversion Track

A) Google's measurement Tools

B) Grow Business By Intelligent Data Collection

Module 11 - Inbound & Outbound Marketing 

A) What Is Inbound Marketing

B) Disruptive Ways To Do Inbound marketing 

C) Learn Secrets Of Inbound Marketing To Draw Potential

Customers At A Lower rate

D) Pull Or Organic Marketing To Create Brand Awareness 

Attract Customers 

E) Understand Outbound Marketing / Paid Campaigns

Module 12 - Content Marketing

A) What Is Content Marketing

B) Digital Marketing Collateral To Increase Brand

Awareness & Search Engine Marketing

C) Planning & publishing To Reach Your Target Audience

D) Understand Outbound Marketing / Paid Campaigns

Module 13 - Blogging 

A) What Is Blogging

B) How To Start Blogging

C) What Are The Blogging Platforms

D) Blog Design / Layout Tips

Module 14 - Affiliate Marketing

A) What Is Affiliate Marketing

B) What Are Affiliate Marketing Platforms 

C) How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

D) Run Profitable Advertising Campaigns And Make 

Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

Module 15 - E Commerce Marketing

A) What Is E Commerce Marketing

B) Tools To Build E Commerce Online Shops

C) How Online Transactions Work

Module 16 - Case Studies

A) How Companies Have Grown From Scratch to million 

dollar based on Digital marketing


C) Millionaire Mentor


Module 17 - Career In Digital Marketing

A) Jobs In Digital Marketing

B) Startup Opportunity In Digital Marketing

C) Work As Freelancer / Consultant

D) Expert Interview Sessions On Digital Marketing Jobs

Module 18 - Internship Digital Marketing

A) Internship / Live Projects

B) Completely Online Internship

C) Hands On Live Experience

D) Certificate Of Course & Internship

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